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Since foundation in March 1989, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 30 years.


As a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery industry, XCMG has transcended the traditional business philosophy of putting profit before all else in order to meet its economic and moral responsibilities by emphasizing its contributions to customers, employees, partners, the environment, and society, and dedicating itself to green manufacturing, green R&D, environmental protection, energy conservation, reducing emissions, and developing a circular economy, all of which exemplify the company's strong sense of social responsibility.
In recent years, XCMG has actively explored and made remarkable achievements in all technical fields relating to energy-saving products. For example, it developed an energy-saving loader, which received awards such as The Most Influential Product of 2012 in the China Construction Machinery Industry and China Top 50 Construction Machinery Products of the Year 2013 for its excellent technology and brand awareness. The company developed the industry-leading QY25KQ crane truck fuelled by natural gas, which represented the very best of green manufacturing in the China construction machinery industry. XCMG produced a new-generation highly efficient energy-saving mechanical road roller with a single steel drum which became a green pioneer and put XCMG at the forefront of the industry again as soon as it was launched; and XCMG's concrete demonstration base, the largest in China, adopted a new-generation of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly concrete machinery products and introduced advanced technologies like GPS cloud scheduling and ERP intelligent production management to achieve a complete recycling of materials and zero emissions of dust, noise, waste, and sewage.

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